Do you want to get really involved with a certain game? Then SPACE4GAMES is the right place for you. Our mission: To be thorough, detailed, emotional and honest. We need a lot of support, both on the editorial side and financially. And if you want to talk to us or other readers or leave feedback, just contact us.


Our Mission


Games, series, movies and new technologies appear today at more and more shorter intervals. Due to growing competitive pressure and the collapse of existing financing models, reporting on those topics is increasingly determined by quantity at the expense of quality. Often, a presumed right of interpretation is maintained, which we cannot and do not want to represent. Games cannot be dealt with by a two-page review. They appeal to different people in different ways.

We want to bring back valuable subjectivity into the discourse without becoming arbitrary. In our opinion, the best way to do this is to deal with our topics in as much detail as possible and to create considerable added value for our readers with articles and high-quality guides that are up-to-date in the long term, without imposing an opinion on them. Those who read our articles receive information and meaningful evaluations that effectively support their gaming experience or the process of forming their own well-founded opinion.

We promise not to spam users with advertising on a massive scale, but we also wish for a bit of recognition and appreciation for our extensive work. This can be achieved through occasional one-time support or regular financial contributions through Patreon. We are very grateful to every supporter.


– A magazine that deals in detail with selected games and topics.

– A place to go for gamers & futurists who want more than news & previews

– A website aiming to offer the most comprehensive, highest quality and best guides for the respective games & themes.

– Thoroughly. Detailed. Emotional and honest.


– Another generic gaming site.

– A magazine with a presumed right of interpretation or claim for objectivity on subjective topics.

– A gateway for thin & poorly researched mass news.

– Click focused. Superficial. Distanced.

Our Team

A project that is committed to such quality only works with a lot of passion. Currently our team consists of three highly motivated people:

The man behind SPACE4GAMES firmly believes that well researched articles & detailed guides are important today and in the future. He also believes that there are enough readers who don’t just want to consume Facebook headlines. For these readers Ben loves to sacrifice his spare time and makes sure that S4G never stops.


Technical & creative design

Without Leon this side would not be possible at all. He designed and implemented the entire website, structured it and brought it into shape. He maintains, repairs, develops. He is heart and soul of SPACE4GAMES, without whom we would not have such an awesome website.



SPACE4GAMES always needs experts. You know one (or more) games better than anybody else? You are also good at writing, structuring and explaining? Please contact us via one of the channels listed below.

Wait a minute! Do you actually pay your authors?

No, but hopefully someday. You can follow our current financial situation on Patreon. At the moment the costs of the project are not even covered partially and are mostly paid by the founder of S4G. Every now and then we try to pay our staff a small amount anyway. However, regular payment is only possible if enough supporters are willing to make it happen. Until then, everyone who joins us has to sacrifice their unpaid free time – as we all do.


Feedback. Praise. Criticism. Opinions. Questions. Tips. Hints.

You can send all of this and more any time to You can also contact us directly via Discord, Facebook and Twitter.