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Star Citizen Roadmap & Release: All updates from 3.5 to 3.8

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Star Citizen Roadmap & Release: All updates from 3.5 to 3.8

We update you regularly on how the Space Game is progressing and what’s changing on the Star Citizen roadmap -- from update 3.5 to 3.8 and beyond.

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In this article we tell you

  • when Star Citizen will be released
  • what is planned for 2019
  • what we are speculating on for Update 4.0
  • what the latest updates are for the Star Citizen roadmap

We last updated this article on March 23rd. If you only want to read the summary of the current changes, click here for the current roadmap update.

For Star Citizen, the year 2018 was quite successful (and not only financial): The performance technology Object Container Streaming was successfully implemented into the game and provided considerably improved frame rates. In addition, the expansion of the game universe by the first planet became possible: Hurston is about twelve million km² in size and brings four additional moons of its own.

The first profession was also a complete success: Mining has become a demanding and fun job, as our detailed mining guide shows. At the same time, however, other planned content was postponed. Refuelling and Recycling were moved into 2019 and the Planet ArcCorp did not make it into the past year either.

Das Bergbauschiff Prospector fliegt von Lorville aus zur Arbeit. © Cloud Imperium Games

The mining ship Prospector is flying to work from Lorville. © Cloud Imperium Games

So there’s a lot of content left for 2019 to catch up on -- and of course the players would like some more stuff. What exactly is planned? When will the Stanton system finally be ready? Is there already a new system in the works? And when is the official release for Star Citizen planned? In this article we tell you what the current roadmap to Star Citizen shows and what progress developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) is making.

This article will be updated regularly to keep you up to date on the developers’ updates to the official roadmap. So don’t hesitate to bookmark this article.

Star Citizen: When will it be released?

In the original Kickstarter campaign of 2012, November 2014 was mentioned for the finished game. However, the scope of the ambitious space game was comparatively manageable at the time. CIG boss Chris Roberts also made the mistake of naming release dates for individual development milestones during the first years of studio setup. Whether it was the Hangar module or the Arena Commander: None of it came even close on time.

The reasons for this are manifold: On the one hand, the desire has always been the father of thought, especially with Roberts, who is at least as enthusiastic about the release of his greatest work to date as any individual supporter. In addition, the scope of the game grew enormously for a long time. Up to the 65 million dollar mark of the crowdfunding campaign (which continues to this day and has earned well over 200 million dollars) more and more stretchgoals were added.

The ambitions grew with the growing amount of money. The CryEngine had to be rewritten in order to grasp the gigantism of a real game universe. In 2015, Technical Director Marco Corbetta just developed the planetary technology (originally planned for post-release) in the Frankfurt studio, which allows seamless take-off and landing as well as the exploration of monstrously large celestial bodies.

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Again much had to be replanned, again there were shifts. Will this continue? Yes and no. An official version 1.0 (i.e. without alpha or beta label) will not be released until a number of core technologies have been completely implemented. First and third person views, 64-bit precision, object container streaming and the purchase of ships in game are already finished. In the works are for example the organization system, full persistence and last but not least the server meshing (should enable hundreds of players at the same time).

Only when all this is included and the databases are no longer regularly wiped, Star Citizen will receive the official release label. There is no date for it. Instead, the game progresses every three months with a major update. What is planned and when should which feature be released? Read on to get all information about the updates 3.5 to 3.8 planned for 2019.

Star Citizen Roadmap Preview: This is coming in 2019

CIG has completed the plan for 2019 and updated the official Star Citizen roadmap to update 3.8 in the fourth quarter of the year. Below we tell you what has changed in Update 3.5 and Update 3.6 and what we can look forward to in the second half of the year. By the way: The development of Squadron 42 shares many elements with Star Citizen. Check out our analysis of the Squadron 42 roadmap for more information.

Of course, we won’t hide from you the changes that have taken place. Some features have been removed from the plan.

Star Citizen Update 3.5 -- March 2019

What is planned for Star Citizen Update 3.5?

  • Female characters remain in the plan, Planet ArcCorp comes with the moons Lyria and Wala, the 300 series of Origin is revised, there are three more Reliant variants and a completely new flight model. Also, many gameplay systems will be improved, including the shooter mode Star Marine.


The customization of player characters is to be considerably improved by the so-called “DNA Face Customization”. Currently, there are only a handful of different premade faces from which players can choose. In the future, players should be able to customize the faces of their characters in detail and the system should allow almost infinite face variations for NPCs.

In addition, the female character model will be introduced for both players and NPCs. In addition, Tecia Pacheco (played by Katrina Nare, Doom), a new mission giver, will be introduced on ArcCorp.

Dieses Video wird von YouTube eingebettet. Es gelten die Datenschutzerklärungen von Google.


The planet ArcCorp should appear ingame, a planet completely covered with buildings (Coruscant, anyone?). In addition to the landing zone Area 18, which we previously visited in the so-called “Social Module” via the player hangar, further Points of Interest are planned. ArcCorp will be the second planet in the Stanton system and is expected to be around eight million km² in size.

ArcCorp comes with two natural satellites, the moons Lyria and Wala.


The artificial intelligence in Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will be one of the biggest challenges for CIG this year. As already expected from us, the planned stealth-gameplay for the AI has shifted. Also the general flight behaviour of the AI pilots (e.g. use of the Quantum travel function) has been changed (now partly to be found in the gameplay section at the bounty hunt revision). Instead, the new flight model for the AI will be implemented and there will be improvements of the space combat behavior.

Two new features have been added. The FPS-KI should be able to avoid collisions with objects in its path and bypass them realistically. AI pilots of gunships (such as the Hammerhead) should be able to align the ship as efficiently as possible so that the turrets can cause maximum damage.


In the first revision of this update, the basic reputation and legal system as well as Salvaging and Escort Beacons were thrown out. But we find these things again in the following updates of 2019.

Star Citizen Hitzesystem Antrieb Raumschiff

The new heat system in Star Citizen affects the flight behaviour of a spaceship. © Cloud Imperium Games

Instead of new features, the focus of the March update is mainly on improvements to existing gameplay systems, but also on the new heat system. Heat is supposed to influence both objects and vehicles. For example, the overheating function in the new flight model plays a major role (more on this later), but it should also lay the foundation for ambient heat in the solar system. This is to be accompanied by improved and persistent degradation of ship components.

NPCs on whom a bounty has been placed are given the opportunity to escape by Quantum Jump. In return, environmental missions will be introduced that will allow NPCs to take action against players who have a bounty on them. In addition, AI security forces are to attack players with high crime ratings. Apparently, this feature is intended as a (temporary?) replacement for the planned legal system. It’s likely that we’ll have to wait longer for a sophisticated law and reputation system.

In addition to improvements to scanning, players will in future be able to assist AI ships in distress (AI Distress Beacons). The radar system in spaceships will be reworked (we would be happy if it would work at all!). Environmental factors should also influence the functionality of the radar.

Quantum Travel will be updated again. Improvements to the user interface and spline jumps (quantum jumps around planets and moons) are also on the agenda. Vehicle technology will be updated as well as the group system. In addition, the third version of Face / Voice-Over-IP (FOIP / VOIP) will be introduced.

In addition, improvements for weapon systems and weapon damage (distortion) are scheduled. Delivery missions for ArcCorp will be extended, but there are no details yet.

New to the plan: The shooter mode Star Marine gets many improvements and new content, including the new elimination map Demien Comms.

Ships and Vehicles

Origin’s 300 series ships are currently under revision and will be released with Update 3.5. The rework of the M50 was removed from the roadmap for now, the revision of the P52 Merlin has been included in update 3.6.

Star Citizen

The starter ship MISC Reliant gets additional variants. © Cloud Imperium Games

While the Constellation Taurus was also thrown out of the plan, the starter ship MISC Reliant gets three more variants with the Tana (combat), Sen (research) and Mako (information).

The Ursa Rover Fortuna will additionally introduce a new version of the ground-based vehicle.

Weapons and Items

Four new weapons are planned for the update: the Gemini S71 (assault rifle) and the ballistic pistol Kastak Arms Coda. The Gallenson Tactical Systems GT-870 Tarantula Revision, a ship weapon, is also in the works. Furthermore, a Banu ship weapon will be introduced with the Singe Tachyon Canon.

Core Tech

New Flight Model

The new flight mechanics are eagerly awaited to replace the current flight model of the Alpha. During a panel at CitizenCon 2018, the developers discussed the new flight model in detail and also in current AtV episodes we got new info.

Dieses Video wird von YouTube eingebettet. Es gelten die Datenschutzerklärungen von Google.

For those who don’t feel like watching the whole talk, we’d like to summarize the information known so far. The new flight model should ensure that the flight behaviour of the spaceships feels more realistic. In addition, the different ships should behave completely differently and have clear advantages and disadvantages.

For this purpose we get direct control on the thrusters of the ship. If we push the throttle to the limit stop, the ship accelerates. If we pull the throttle back again, the speed of the ship remains the same, but the thruster output is reduced or switched off. To slow down the ship, a brake button must be activated.

The Afterburner will operate as ” Boost ” in the future, so there will be no more two acceleration buttons. Boost / Afterburner is nothing else than a keyboard shortcut for overclocking the thrusters. Overclocking gives us much more thrust on the engines, but at the same time much more heat is generated. This can lead to overheating, which in turn can cause (visible) misfires and damage to the respective thrusters.

During the flight damaged (or shot down) thrusters can manifest themselves in balance problems up to heavy rolling or inability to maneuver the spaceship. Such problems can be prevented with better engines: We should be able to replace single thrusters or buy a complete set. There will probably be a whole range of different variants from different manufacturers for very different budgets.

Mit dem neuen Flugmodell werden sich beschädigte oder abgeschossene Triebwerke deutlich aufs Flugverhalten auswirken. © Cloud Imperium Games / Mr. Hasgaha (Flickr)

With the new flight model, damaged or shot-down thrusters will have a significant impact on flight behaviour. © Cloud Imperium Games / Mr. Hasgaha (Flickr)

However, the thrusters can also be configured directly via the multifunction displays (MFDs). We should be able to overclock the thrusters, but also define a power limit to prevent overheating.

The flight behaviour will also be adjusted. Ships will drift considerably more in the future if they are flown above their safe speed limit. The faster the ship, the more difficult it will be to maneuver. Pilots can, however, use a speed limiter, i.e. specify a speed range that ensures that the ship always remains maneuverable.

The difference between space flight and atmospheric flight (i.e. within a planetary atmosphere) should also become considerably clearer. For example, the wind conditions and the resulting resistance will be clearly noticeable depending on the spacecraft. While a sleek Gladius can maneuver more easily, the less aerodynamic Aurora has far greater problems with air resistance.

Performance Improvements

As in every update, there will be performance improvements. In addition to general overhauls, these include updates to Object Container Streaming and Bind Culling. The preparations (so-called Lobby Refactor) for the Server Meshing (which, however, will probably not be released until 2020) have been removed from the plan for now. Server Meshing means the connection of several servers to a single game environment, which should increase the number of players significantly.

Kugeln und andere Waffenprojektile sollen über einen Projektilmanager noch realistischer dargestellt werden. © Cloud Imperium Games

Bullets and other weapon projectiles are to be represented even more realistically with the help of a projectile manager software. © Cloud Imperium Games

The introduction of a projectile manager is still planned. This is a realistic physical system for the calculation and representation of bullets and other projectiles. Additionally, improvements to textures and details of “hard” surfaces are planned. The revision of transitions between different surfaces (e.g. from ice to rocks or sand to objects) is currently no longer included in the Star Citizen roadmap. In the Squadron 42 roadmap, this feature was moved to the second quarter of 2019.

Star Citizen Update 3.6 -- June 2019

What is planned for Star Citizen Update 3.6?

  • Update 3.6 was significantly changed in the revision on 2019/02/08. Repair, Refueling, Guild System, Physical Inventories, Cloud Tech and Refineries have been removed. New additions are AI enhancements, variations for Rest Stops, black market economy, the ability to rent ships and attach modules to weapons. There will be fog on planets and a legal system will be introduced.


The visor displays get an extensive update to provide a more intuitive experience.


In Update 3.6 there won’t be any new locations for the Star Citizen Alpha. The revision of the CommArrays has been removed as well as the refineries. The latter have been moved to update 3.8 (can be found there as Refinery Space Stations). After all, the Rest Stops will get different variants and will differ in appearance in the future.

Star Citizen Raumschiff KI bessere Routenfindung

AI pilots should be able to maneuver better and follow more intelligent routes with the new update. © Cloud Imperium Games


The different fighting styles of AI in space and ground combat have been removed. Instead, the ship AI gets an improved pathfinding and the currently rather broken civilian NPCs (including the bartenders) are revised. The FPS-AI will make better use of cover.


With weapon accessories, players can customize their weapons with scopes or grips, for example. While we are currently able to trade illegal goods relatively safely (for example from the drug lab Jumptown), security forces will be able to search for these goods in the future and NPCs and vendors will be able to distinguish between illegal and legal items. This should make the black market trade more realistic.

If you want to try out mining at the moment, you either have to buy a Prospector with real money or earn the ship in the game. With a three-month update cycle, in which any progress is regularly reset, 1.6 million aUEC are a pretty big deal, especially if you don’t know yet whether the mining profession really appeals to you. Therefore very practical: Update 3.6 enables us to rent ships.

Einige Komponenten der Prospector (etwa Schildgeneratoren und Waffen) können bereits ausgetauscht werden. © Cloud Imperium Games

With Update 3.6, players will probably be able to rent the Prospector and won’t have to spend a lot of money on a test flight. © Cloud Imperium Games

The legal system (originally planned for update 3.5) found its way back shortly after the roadmap revision, this time for the June update. In its first version, the system is supposed to provide local rules and their enforcement including possible penalties for violations. In this context, the Bounty Hunter profession should gain importance.

In addition, various smaller features and improvements are planned. Lifting, carrying and placing objects will be improved, as well as transit systems ( elevators, doors, etc.). NPCs with a bounty on them will be able to run away with Quantum Travel in the future. The new flight model ( check update 3.5 ) will be extended by misfires and malfunctions and the wear and tear of ship systems will also be updated.

Furthermore players can expect more control over the viewing direction (Free Look), jumping will be introduced in an improved version and Ragdoll behaviour will be updated.

Ships and Vehicles

The release of the P72 Archimedes and the revision of the P52 Merlin are still planned for June. The interstellar launch of the luxury yacht 890 Jump is another goal. The update of the Aegis Vanguard Warden is a new feature and the first Banu ship to come into play will be the Banu Defender. It lays the groundwork for the Banu Merchantman that players are eagerly awaiting.

Star Citizen 890 Jump Luxusyacht

Concept picture of the luxury ship 890 Jump in Star Citizen. © Cloud Imperium Games

Weapons and Items

The neutron gun MaxOx Neutron Repeater is to be released. We also have the Apocalypse Arms Animus rocket launcher, the first of its kind, and the Behring S38, a new pistol.

Core Tech

Cloud Tech was completely thrown out of the Star Citizen roadmap for 2019, which also means we’re not allowed to visit Gas Giant Crusader this year. Instead, we will probably get fog near the ground, which will improve the atmosphere in certain areas. In the first version, the fog will probably not yet be dynamic and change with wind conditions.

Star Citizen Hurston Savanne Ökosystem

The distribution and quality of ecosystems (here savannah on Hurston) will be improved. © Cloud Imperium Games

A new version of the procedural generation of asteroid fields will be available on the servers and the distribution of the different ecosystems (vegetation etc.) will be improved. In addition, the basic technique for creating havvestable entities on planets or moons will be automated. This will most likely initially include the mining rocks, but certainly also lay the foundation for salvageable scrap (Salvaging, check Update 3.8) and future professions (e.g. Farming).

The regular performance improvements in this update are accompanied by a revision of the communication between client and server.

Star Citizen Update 3.7 -- September 2019

What is planned for Star Citizen Update 3.7?

  • Update 3.7 brings cargo stations, unoccupied rest stops, improved scooping of hydrogen by spaceships for fuel regeneration, the possibility to heal players and NPCs, the ability to swim, ship-to-Station docking, physical inventories and a more fleshed out player status system. Two more Vangaurd variants will be released and the existing shield system for spaceships will be replaced.


In this area you will find a new bounty hunter armor set.


Later this year, the large cargo ship Hull-C will find its way into the persistent universe. Such giant freighters can’t be landed like other ships, so special cargo stations are needed, which are planned with update 3.7. Those stations should make trade routes possible or serve as delivery nodes in the vicinity of planets and jump points.

Star Citizen Rest Stops Varianten

The Rest Stops in Star Citizen get more variation. © Cloud Imperium Games

Different variants of the interior of Rest Stops should provide more variety. In addition, (almost) abandoned Rest Stops will be implemented, which players can explore and which will be used as destinations for quests in the future.


The shop keepers will be provided with additional behaviours. This includes, among other things, new animations and possibly sometimes they will say something meaningful. In addition, NPCs will have to react to the environment and the player when choosing weapons. Shooting shotguns out in the wild over long distances is not very effective.

With this update, AI pilots will be able to align their ships defensively to prevent significant damage.


With 13 different entries, gameplay is again the biggest item in this update. Many spaceships can already regenerate fuel by absorbing hydrogen. This mechanism will be extended and will consider environmental factors and flight vectors in the future.

So far, healing is only possible by MedPen and for oneself. The healing mechanics are now to be extended to other players and NPCs. So if our buddy runs out of MedPens while trying to imitate Wonder Woman (only without a shield), we might be able to prolong his doomed existence a bit.

Star Citizen Nahkampf Fäuste

Soon close combat will be a daily thing in Star Citizen. © Cloud Imperium Games

If he dies (and that is inevitable if we are honest!), he’s at least passing away with improved death animations. If, on the other hand, he’s lucky enough to make it within melee range, he can use the new close-combat mechanics and try some classic fist fighting.

We will also be allowed to swim in the future. How useful this is depends on whether the current rather primitive water representation will be improved until summer. The Player Status System is much less simple: At the moment we only have to pay attention to our health, endurance and oxygen supply. From June onwards, hunger, thirst, rest, inebriation, hygiene and temperature are on the agenda, which will have a direct effect on the player’s abilities and stamina.

This alone would put Star Citizen above any current survival game. However, it is not yet clear how we will eat or drink and when the showers in stations and ships will become functional. After all, we now have an idea why there are bathrooms everywhere and we can imagine how NPCs later react to dirty space vagabonds.

The energy system will be expanded (doors, lights and elevators will be linked to it) and EMP weapons will have a noticeable effect. The interaction in the cockpit as well as the (audio-)visual feedback should become better and the movement of players on stairs more realistic.

Star Citizen Subkomponenten für verbesserte Raumschiffleistung

At some point, we expect all items to remain permanently where we put them. © Cloud Imperium Games

Full persistence is one of the unique selling points that Star Citizen aims to achieve in the future. At some point we should be able to take a coffee cup out of our living area and put it on a moon without it disappearing. Instead, we find the cup at any time exactly where we left it. Part of this persistence are physical inventories, which means that we can, for example, physically store weapons and other objects in lockers and pick them up again from there at any time. This feature was initially planned for June and is now scheduled for September.

In order for larger ships like the Hull series freighters to be able to dock at stations, a docking function must be created at stations. We are curious to see how and with which ships this will work in September. There will be bounty hunts on players (PvP) and there will be kiosks that will allow ships to be repaired, refueled and ammunitioned.

Ships and Vehicles

As in every update there is also something new to fly. While we hope that the 890 Jump from the previous update won’t be moved here, at this point we find “only” the two new variants of the Vanguard, the Harbinger and Sentinel. The Cutlass Red will be reworked.

Star Citizen Vanguard schweres Kampfschiff

The Vanguard is a heavy deep space fighter in Star Citizen. In 2019 two more variants come into play. © Cloud Imperium Games

Weapons and Items

The plan includes the grenade launcher Behring GP-33, the Hedeby Salvo Frag pistol and the submachine gun Lumin V from Klaus & Werner. The Kroneg FL-33 laser cannon is furthermore a new ship weapon.

Core Tech

In this update, the technical area is relatively small. Besides the usual performance improvements and further revisions of the communication between client and server, we can expect improved shadows from large objects (e.g. spaceships), but also from environmental objects. The aim is to increase the range of the shadows and to improve the rendering in order to increase quality and realism.

The sky above planets (currently only on Hurston) should look more realistic due to improvements in atmosphere tech and the density of the planetary atmosphere should differ significantly in different altitudes. The most interesting feature, however, will be the new shield technology for spacecrafts: Better graphics and effects will improve the readability of hits and improve collision performance.

Star Citizen Update 3.8 -- Dezember 2019

What is planned for Star Citizen Update 3.8?

  • The delayed refineries have returned. MicroTech is added as the third planet in the Stanton system with the landing zone New Babbage and three moons. The AI will be given Ace Pilots, Mag Boots will be introduced, a Security System for restricted areas and ship-to-ship docking is planned. In addition, Salvaging in a basic version will come into play as a new profession. With the Carrack and the Hull-C, players can look forward to two particularly promising ships.


A new mission giver will be stationed on MicroTech with Eddie Parr, probably in the New Babbage landing zone. There will also be a new MicroTech-style fashion line.


New planets are at the top of many players’ wish lists. In December they will be rewarded with the third planet of the Stanton system, ice-cold MicroTech and the New Babbage landing zone. MicroTech is owned by MicroTech Corporation, an electronics and spacecraft software producer. MicroTech Corporation is particularly known for its Mobiglas AR device.

The moons Calliope, Clio and Euterpe accompany the new destination for Citizens. The names of the moons appear familiar to friends of Greek mythology: Calliope, Clio and Euterpe are three of the nine muses and daughters of Zeus. Euterpe is the muse of poetry, Clio is the muse of history and Calliope is the muse of rhetoric, philosophy and science.

Refineries will also be introduced in December. This is where miners can refine their raw materials. For merchants, refineries are the first stopovers for future retail chains: refined resources can be purchased here and sold again in stations or outposts. In addition, abandoned refineries and cargo stations are added to the Stanton system.


Ace Pilots will make life for fighter pilots difficult in the future and provide significant challenges. On the ground the fighting behaviour of the AI in firefights will be improved. NPCs now not only use different weapons, but also fight in coordinated groups. Different training levels and skill sets of the NPCs provide different challenges.


Years ago, CIG promised dynamic missions that would depend, for example, on how long nothing had happened in a particular area of the universe. A popular example of such a dynamic mission is a pirate attack on a cargo ship. If the player helps the freighter pilot, another mission could be triggered in which he brings the freight to its destination for a fee, sells it profitably for himself or robs the freighter directly himself.

The new dynamic mission system is unlikely to implement multi-level dynamic missions yet, but based on environmental data and player behavior, the underlying backend system will automatically generate varied missions.

Star Citizen Pyro Multi Tool

Will the Pyro-Multi-Tool lay the foundation for the Salvaging profession? © Cloud Imperium Games

Gameplay is eagerly awaited for the next big profession, Salvaging. It will come in a first basic version and will make it possible to break up scrap metal into resources. Interesting: Neither the one-man salvaging ship Vulture nor the multi-stage multi-crew processes of the Reclaimer are planned until then. Instead, players will probably be allowed to manually disassemble single scrap parts.

Maybe the Pyro-Multi-Tool will be added to the persistent universe. This multi-purpose tool is currently under development for Squadron 42 and should be ready in the first quarter of 2019. However, in the Star Citizen roadmap the tool is not yet to be found.

Further gameplay features are planned with improvements to the user interface in the cockpit, where the HUD is to be adapted to extended scanning mechanisms. Especially cool: Scanning results should be stored. Furthermore, Mag Boots will be introduced, which allow the player to move relatively safely on surfaces (e.g. space ships) in Zero Gravity. This is a very useful feature for later boarding operations, but also for manual repairs of the hull.

Star Citizen ArcCorp Area 18 von außen

Not every area in Star Citizen will be easily accessible in the future. For example, we will sometimes have to earn access rights. © Cloud Imperium Games

Players will be able to move precisely by pulling and pushing in zero-g and the use of firearms should be improved while sitting on a vehicle (e.g. in the back seat of the Dragonfly). A security system will also regulate access to certain areas. For example, we will only have access to some places if our reputation is high enough, if we have key cards or if we belong to a particular faction. Last but not least, ship-to-ship docking should be possible (for example, the 85X can now dock to the 890 Jump).

Ships and Vehicles

December will be great for space ship fans: The Carrack, eagerly awaited by many players, comes into play. The already mentioned improvement of the cockpit HUD for scanning operations also fits in with this.

Star Citizen Frachter Hull-C ausgefahren

A fully loaded Hull-C can only be unloaded at special docking stations. © Cloud Imperium Games

The Caterpillar also faces competition: manufacturer MISC launches the Hull-C, a cargo ship that is also needed for Squadron 42. This cargo ship can’t land on normal landing pads and needs special cargo stations as well as docking functionality from ship to station (both already planned for update 3.7). In addition, the Cutlass Blue will be redesigned and Esperia will introduce the Dropship Prowler, inspired by the Tevarin alien race.

Weapons and Items

Klaus & Werner release a revised version of the Sledge Mass Driver series. The Lightning Bolt Co. Atzkav electron shotgun is released as well as a new pneumatic pistol from Armitage.

Core Tech

Only the usual performance improvements are currently planned for Update 3.8.

What will Star Citizen Update 4.0 bring and and when will it come?

  • Update 4.0 could bring the first jump point and the first new star system next year (2020). We also expect Cloud Tech and the release of the gas giant Crusader and its landing zone Orison in the upper atmosphere of the planet.

Update 4.0 should again be a significant step forward for Star Citizen, but not quite as groundbreaking as the introduction of planetary technology in Update 3.0. We speculate that with 4.0 the next star system will be released and thus also the first Jump Point. We also want to experience Cloud Tech with the Gas Giant Crusader.

In der oberen Atmosphäre des Gasriesen Crusader sollen wir die Landezone Orison anfliegen können. © Cloud Imperium Games

In the upper atmosphere of the gas giant Crusader, we should be able to fly to the Orison landing zone. © Cloud Imperium Games

Actually, the Nyx system would be a good choice as a new system, since the Planetoid Delamar (currently with the landing zone Levski included in the Stanton system) actually belongs to this system. So CIG could simply “move” Delamar and expand the universe. However, Stanton and Nyx have no known jump point connection between them. The Odin system, which is currently being developed for the Squadron 42 single player campaign, also has no connection to Stanton. Besides, CIG will certainly not release the system before the planned release of Squadron 42 in late 2020.

What do you think Update 4.0 could offer? What star system would you like to see? Tell us in the comments!

Conclusion on the Star Citizen Roadmap 2019

The Star Citizen community has been getting used to many amazing things from developer CIG in recent years. The gigantic Alpha playground in space, the launch of the moons, the gigantic planet Hurston, the Lorville landing zone with its metro system, the excellently implemented mining profession and many technical innovations (such as Face-Over-IP, FOIP) have excited the supporters.

At first glance, the Star Citizen roadmap for 2019 doesn’t seem that overwhelming, as technologies like Cloud Tech have been cancelled for this year and the hope for the gas giant Crusader and its landing zone Orison had to be buried. Nor will there be a new star system this year and we won’t be flying through a first jump point. The basic housing mechanics with land plots will not make it into the game, nor will the construction ship Pioneer and the associated gameplay elements.

Star Citizen Pioneer Aufbau-Plattform

The Pioneer in Star Citizen can be used as a construction platform (here mounted on the ground) to assemble outposts. © Cloud Imperium Games

Instead, many improvements are made, many basic features will be expanded and two more planets with their respective satellites will be brought into play. New space stations provide new options for merchants and miners, but there won’t be a complete new profession this year. Repairing and refuelling will take place at kiosks and manual salvaging is planned for the end of the year -- but we wouldn’t be surprised if that is to be delayed again.

All in all, this is still respectable progress, as long as CIG can keep to its schedule and not too many postponements become necessary. The reason for the relatively modest Roadmap 2019 is the development of the Squadron 42 single player campaign. Squadron 42 will go into beta in the second quarter of 2020 and will finally be released at the end of next year. But until then, there is still a huge amount of work ahead of the development team, as most chapters of the game are still in the whitebox phase. In our analysis article we introduce you to the Squadron 42 Roadmap in detail and explain what phases like Whitebox or Greybox are all about. Anyway, the focus this year will be on Squadron 42, which will also benefit Star Citizen’s persistent universe. After all, a lot of content is planned for both games.

So it seems reasonable to keep the Star Citizen Roadmap 2019 relatively manageable to avoid the risk of having to deal with significant delays. As we stated in our detailed article on the financial situation of developer CIG, a lot depends on the continued support of the fans, but above all Squadron 42 will decide on welfare and woe of the developer. Sure, there will be some more shifts, but the timeframe for the release of the eagerly awaited single-player game is set. CIG has to make sure that this timeframe is kept for the most part. If this is achieved, they will have established themselves as big players in the industry. That’s why their focus this year is on Squadron 42.

Star Citizen: Roadmap Update March 22, 2019

Where stands the development of Star Citizen in 2019 (starting from update 3.5)?

  • The absolute progress of the outstanding features for 2019 is 26.09 percent*.

*To measure roadmap progress, we only use completely finished features in 2019, starting with Update 3.5. Tasks as a basis would be too inaccurate, because for many features no tasks have been specified yet. Please note that many features already exist in a basic version, but improvements are planned. The progress of the individual features can be seen in the following detailed overviews.

Update 3.5 has made great progress in the last two weeks and seems to be released soon as planned. The first wave of players has been approved for the PTU (Public Test Universe). Experience shows that it won’t take long until the full release, maybe by the end of next week.

Progress for Star Citizen Update 3.5 (Total: 80%)

Roadmap Update zu Star Citizen Update 3.5 vom 22-03-2019 © SPACE4GAMES

Roadmap Update to Star Citizen Update 3.5 of 22-03-2019 © SPACE4GAMES

In the last two weeks, Update 3.5 has made a huge leap: 36 out of 45 features are now in the polishing phase. Tecia Pacheco is not quite finished with a total of 87 percent in the character section, just like the female characters, which increased by 11.8 percent to 94.1 percent. The DNA Face Customization, on the other hand, is finished.

All locations are ready, starting from the planet ArcCorp and its moons up to the landing zone Area18.

With the AI, only collision avoidance is lacking progress and stagnates at 66.7 percent. Everything else is ready.

The gameplay sections looks spectacular: Delivery missions for ArcCorp have reached 80 percent (+55%) but all of the 14 other gameplay features are now at 100 percent.

In the ships and vehicles segment, the Ursa Rover Fortuna is a new addition that is already complete. The Hornet Heartseeker and the Origin 300i are finished, as are the Reliant versions. The variants of the 300 series, on the other hand, have only made little progress from 10 to 30 percent.

While all planned weapons are finished, core tech still lacks any progress for Asynchronous Disconnection Refactor. Everything else (new flight model, projectile manager, shader and performance improvements) is ready.

Conclusion on the progress of Update 3.5

As usual, the features for a Star Citizen update always make the most progress in the last few weeks. From 14 percent of completed features, the progress bar now jumps to a full 80 percent. The first wave of players is already testing on the PTU and the next seven days should see the release of Update 3.5 for all players. With that CIG would have completed the first big milestone for 2019 and would have massively enlarged the universe again with the new planet.

Progress for Update Star Citizen 3.6 (Total: 0%)

Roadmap Update zu Star Citizen Update 3.6 vom 22-03-2019 © SPACE4GAMES

Roadmap Update to Star Citizen Update 3.6 of 22-03-2019 © SPACE4GAMES

The Rest Stop variants lose almost five percent progress due to new tasks. Transit systems and the MaxOx Neutron Repeater weapon are increasing a bit, otherwise nothing moves in this update.

Progress for Star Citizen Update 3.7 (Total: 0%)

Roadmap Update zu Star Citizen Update 3.7 vom 22-03-2019 © SPACE4GAMES

Roadmap Update to Star Citizen Update 3.7 of 22-03-2019 © SPACE4GAMES

There is no progress to report for the September update.

Progress for Star Citizen Update 3.8 (Total: 0%)

Roadmap Update zu Star Citizen Update 3.8 vom 22-03-2019 © SPACE4GAMES

Roadmap Update to Star Citizen Update 3.8 of 22-03-2019 © SPACE4GAMES

The unoccupied refinery stations recorded an increase of 12.5 percent. Nothing else is moving here.

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