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Star Citizen Roadmap 2019: All updates from 3.5 to 3.6

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Star Citizen Roadmap 2019: All updates from 3.5 to 3.6

We update you regularly on how the Space Game Star Citizen is progressing – from update 3.5 to 3.6 and beyond.

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In this article we tell you

  • what is planned for 2019 so far
  • what we are speculating on for Update 4.0
  • what the latest updates are for the Star Citizen roadmap

If you already know the preview for 2019, click here for the current roadmap update.

For Star Citizen, the year 2018 was quite successful (and not only financial): The performance technology Object Container Streaming was successfully implemented into the game and provided considerably improved frame rates. In addition, the expansion of the game universe by the first planet became possible: Hurston is about twelve million km² in size and brings four additional moons of its own.

The first profession was also a complete success: Mining has become a demanding and fun job, as our detailed mining guide shows. At the same time, however, other planned contents were postponed. Refuelling and Recycling were moved into 2019 and the Planet ArcCorp did not make it into the past year either.

Das Bergbauschiff Prospector fliegt von Lorville aus zur Arbeit. © Cloud Imperium Games

The mining ship Prospector is flying to work from Lorville. © Cloud Imperium Games

So there’s a lot of content left for 2019 to catch up on – and of course the players would like some more stuff. What exactly is planned? When will the Stanton system finally be ready? Is there already a new system in the works? In this article we tell you what the current roadmap to Star Citizen shows and what progress developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) is making.

This article will be updated every time the official roadmap gets an update from the developers, which usually happens once a week. So don’t hesitate to bookmark this article.

Star Citizen Roadmap Preview: This is planned for 2019

CIG is currently recapitulating the last year and planning the new year. This also means that the plans for further releases will not be released until later, probably by the end of January. Until then, we only know the versions currently listed in the roadmap for 3.5 and 3.6.

March 2019: Update 3.5

What is planned for Update 3.5?

  • Among other things, female characters are to be added, the planet ArcCorp including the moons Lyria and Wala, AI improvements, a first real reputation and legal system, escort service beacons, the Salvaging profession, the revision of the Origin 300 series, three other Reliant variants, the Constellation Taurus as well as a completely new flight model.


The customization of player characters is to be considerably improved by the so-called “DNA Face Customization”. Currently, there are only a handful of different premade faces from which players can choose. In the future, players should be able to customize the faces of their characters in detail and the system should allow almost infinite face variations for NPCs.

In addition, the female character model will be introduced for both players and NPCs.

Dieses Video wird von YouTube eingebettet. Es gelten die Datenschutzerklärungen von Google.


The planet ArcCorp should appear ingame, a planet completely covered with buildings (Coruscant, anyone?). In addition to the landing zone Area 18, which we previously visited in the so-called “Social Module” via the player hangar, further Points of Interest are planned. ArcCorp will be the second planet in the Stanton system and is expected to be around eight million km² in size.

ArcCorp comes with two natural satellites, the moons Lyria and Wala.


The artificial intelligence in Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will be one of the biggest challenges for CIG this year. For update 3.5, so-called “Stealth Gameplay” for the AI is on the agenda. However, we doubt that stealth tactics will be introduced for the AI at this time. The current AI is quite underdeveloped and needs a lot of basic improvements. We suspect that this point will change again as part of the planning for 2019.

The general flight behaviour of the AI pilots will be further improved in update 3.5: AI pilots should be able to use Quantum travel and strafe in combat.


Whoever plays Star Citizen these days and wants to earn a lot of money as a drug courier has to visit the secret drug laboratory Jump Town on Yela. However, there are often a lot of criminal players who like to shoot up merchants without an escort.

Although there is a rudimentary crime rating system, it currently has rather minor consequences. It’ s about time to establish a functioning legal system. The first version should come with this update. This includes local crime ratings and appropriate missions. But real security and police forces are most likely not included.

Bis wir solche Warenmengen mit Transportschiffen wie der Hull E bewegen können, wird es noch etwas dauern, aber unsere jetzigen Handelsschiffe sollen bald per Escort-Beacon Schutz anfordern können. © Cloud Imperium Games

It will take some time until we can move such quantities of goods with transport ships like the Hull E, but our current merchant ships will soon be able to request protection via escort beacon. © Cloud Imperium Games

Dedicated merchants (and of course all other players as well) should be able to create a Service Beacon: Escort to hire other players for protection. The costs for the escort forces will be covered by the profit from a trade route or a mission. Slowly we have to start to calculate our costs very accurately.

Salvaging is on the list as a profession for Update 3.5, but we wouldn’t be surprised about another delay. Progress is not yet visible and the small recycling ship Vulture is not yet in production. We doubt that the recycling profession will be implemented directly for the monstrous industrial ship Reclaimer. Probably, similar to mining, there will be a basic version before the implementation for multicrew gameplay takes place.

Ships and Vehicles

Origin’s 300 series ships are currently under revision and will be released with Update 3.5. The same applies to the M50 and the P52 Merlin, both of which will receive improvements. The first Banu ship will come into play with the Banu Defender and will lay the groundwork for the Banu Merchantman, which players are eager for.

Die Banu Defender wird das erste spielbare Alien-Schiff der Banu und legt die Grundlage für die Merchantman. © Cloud Imperium Games

The Banu Defender will be the first playable alien ship of the Banu and lays the groundwork for the Merchantman. © Cloud Imperium Games

The starter ship MISC Reliant gets three more variants with the Tana (combat), Sen (research) and Mako (information). Manufacturer RSI introduces the Taurus, the dedicated freight variant of the Constellation series.

Weapons and Items

Three new weapons are planned for the update: the Gemini S71 (assault rifle) and the ballistic pistol Kastak Arms Coda. The Gallenson Tactical Systems GT-870 Tarantula Revision, a ship weapon, is also in the works.

Core Tech

New Flight Model

The new flight mechanics are eagerly awaited to replace the current flight model of the Alpha. During a panel at CitizenCon 2018, the developers discussed the new flight model in detail.

Dieses Video wird von YouTube eingebettet. Es gelten die Datenschutzerklärungen von Google.

For those who don’t feel like watching the whole talk, we’d like to summarize the information known so far. The new flight model should ensure that the flight behaviour of the spaceships feels more realistic. In addition, the different ships should behave completely differently and have clear advantages and disadvantages.

For this purpose we get direct control on the thrusters of the ship. If we push the throttle to the limit stop, the ship accelerates. If we pull the throttle back again, the speed of the ship remains the same, but the thruster output is reduced or switched off. To slow down the ship, a brake button must be activated.

The Afterburner will operate as ” Boost ” in the future, so there will be no more two acceleration buttons. Boost / Afterburner is nothing else than a keyboard shortcut for overclocking the thrusters. Overclocking gives us much more thrust on the engines, but at the same time much more heat is generated. This can lead to overheating, which in turn can cause (visible) misfires and damage to the respective thrusters.

During the flight damaged (or shot down) thrusters can manifest themselves in balance problems up to heavy rolling or inability to maneuver the spaceship. Such problems can be prevented with better engines: We should be able to replace single thrusters or buy a complete set. There will probably be a whole range of different variants from different manufacturers for very different budgets.

Mit dem neuen Flugmodell werden sich beschädigte oder abgeschossene Triebwerke deutlich aufs Flugverhalten auswirken. © Cloud Imperium Games / Mr. Hasgaha (Flickr)

With the new flight model, damaged or shot-down thrusters will have a significant impact on flight behaviour. © Cloud Imperium Games / Mr. Hasgaha (Flickr)

However, the thrusters can also be configured directly via the multifunction displays (MFDs). We should be able to overclock the thrusters, but also define a power limit to prevent overheating.

The flight behaviour will also be adjusted. Ships will drift considerably more in the future if they are flown above their safe speed limit. The faster the ship, the more difficult it will be to maneuver. Pilots can, however, use a speed limiter, i.e. specify a speed range that ensures that the ship always remains maneuverable.

The difference between space flight and atmospheric flight (i.e. within a planetary atmosphere) should also become considerably clearer. For example, the wind conditions and the resulting resistance will be clearly noticeable depending on the spacecraft. While a sleek Gladius can maneuver more easily, the less aerodynamic Aurora has far greater problems with air resistance.

Performance Improvements

As in every update, there will be performance improvements. In addition to general overhauls, these include updates to the Object Container Streaming, as well as preparations (so-called Lobby Refactor) for the so-called Server Meshing (which will probably not be released until 2020). That means the connection of several servers to a single game environment, which should increase the number of players significantly.

Kugeln und andere Waffenprojektile sollen über einen Projektilmanager noch realistischer dargestellt werden. © Cloud Imperium Games

Bullets and other weapon projectiles are to be represented even more realistically with the help of a projectile manager software. © Cloud Imperium Games

Improvements to network and the introduction of a projectile manager are also planned. This is a realistic physical system for the calculation and representation of bullets and other projectiles. Additionally, improvements to textures and details of “hard” surfaces as well as transitions between different surfaces (e.g. from ice to rocks or sand to objects) are intended.

June 2019: Update 3.6

What is planned for Update 3.6?

  • Among other things, a revision of the CommArrays is planned, the introduction of Refineries, physical inventories, the professions Repairing and Refuelling, the 890 Jump as well as the Cloud Tech.


The so-called CommArrays are to be revised and will be responsible for data transmissions and emergency signals in the game. In addition, Refineries are to be integrated into the game as the next step in future production chains. They are responsible for refining raw materials. Players will be able to sell their mining resources there, traders will be able to buy refined materials and sell them elsewhere in the universe.


NPCs are supposed to master different combat styles. This applies to fps fights as well as dogfights.


The scanning system is to be expanded. For example, players should be able to find objects and locate spaceship signatures. In addition, the scanning system will now support missions.

Irgendwann sollen alle Gegenstände dauerhaft dort bleiben, wo wir sie ablegen. © Cloud Imperium Games

At some point, we should be able to keep all items permanently where we put them. © Cloud Imperium Games

Full persistence is one of the unique features that Citizen aims to achieve in the future. We should be able to take a coffee cup out of our apartment and place it on the surface of a moon without it disappearing from there. Instead, we find the cup at any time exactly where we left it. Part of this persistence are physical inventories, i.e. we can for example physically store weapons and other objects in lockers and pick them up again from there at any time. This feature is scheduled to be added in June.

The first variant of a guild system is also planned (memberships and special missions; attention: these are not player organizations!). Repairing will also be added as an additional profession in its first version. Players should be able to repair external damages of a ship manually. Also Refuelling should finally be possible. However, we suspect that one of the two professions will be postponed.

Ships and Vehicles

The release of the P72 Archimedes is scheduled for June. But much more exciting is the possible release of the luxury yacht 890 Jump.

Weapons and Items

The neutron gun MaxOx Neutron Repeater is to be released.

Dieses Video wird von YouTube eingebettet. Es gelten die Datenschutzerklärungen von Google.

Core Tech

The Cloud Tech is currently part of this update. As it is already reported to have made 74 percent progress, a release seems not unrealistic. In addition, further performance improvements will be made and improvements to the storage system for persistent items and insurance are planned for the server backend.

Where is Update 3.7 and what will Update 4.0 bring?

  • Update 3.7 and following updates are still in the planning phase at CIG. Update 4.0 could bring the first jump point and the first new star system next year (2020).

The plans for the updates in the second half of 2019 have not yet been completed. Also the updates 3.5 and 3.6 will certainly be revised this month. We will keep track of all changes in this article.

It is relatively safe that the Stanton system will be expanded this year. We hope for the implementation of the so-called Cloud Tech in June, which should ensure that we can explore and fly through the gas giant Crusader. In the upper atmosphere of the gas giant the landing zone Orison is planned, a flying city. Whether we will see this in the game this year, however, is extremely questionable, since CIG will concentrate in 2019 especially on Squadron 42. The single player campaign is expected to be feature-complete by the end of the year.

Soon we will provide you with a detailed roadmap analysis for Squadron 42.

In der oberen Atmosphäre des Gasriesen Crusader sollen wir die Landezone Orison anfliegen können. © Cloud Imperium Games

In the upper atmosphere of the gas giant Crusader, we should be able to fly to the Orison landing zone. © Cloud Imperium Games

In addition, the release of the third planet of the Stanton System, MicroTech, is expected by the end of the year. Furthermore, we will have to wait about what CIG has planned for this year.

Update 4.0 should be a significant step for Star Citizen again, but not as groundbreaking as the introduction of planetary technology with Update 3.0. We speculate that with 4.0 the next star system will be released and thus also the first jump point.

The Nyx system would be suitable for this, since the Planetoid Delamar (currently with the landing zone Levski included in the Stanton system) actually belongs to this system. So CIG could simply “move” Delamar and expand the universe. However, Stanton and Nyx have no known jump point connection between them. The Odin system, which is currently being developed for the Squadron 42 single player campaign, also has no connection to Stanton. Besides, CIG will certainly not release the system before the planned release of Squadron 42 in late 2020.

What do you think Update 4.0 could offer? What star system would you like to see? Tell us in the comments!

Roadmap Update for Star Citizen (December 21, 2018)

Yes, it’s been a while since the official Citizen roadmap was updated. Not much has changed since the release of Update 3.4. As we mentioned at the beginning, CIG is currently in the planning phase for 2019. Therefore we expect an extensive roadmap update within the next 2-3 weeks.

Reddit-User u/Odysseus-Ithaca regularly provides an excellent overview of progress on the roadmap.

Progress for Update 3.5

While DNA Face Customization and female characters are stagnating or even slightly regressing, the ArcCorp moon Wala is already finished. Lyria is at 89 percent. The landing zone Area 18 has made only minimal progress with three percent, about a tenth of the total has been completed yet.

The new reputation system and the salvaging profession are still in the planning phase, and the Service Beacon: Escort service is still in its infancy. The revision of the Origin series is not yet very far advanced, apart from the Origin 300i (47%). Banu Defender is 20 percent complete, as are Reliant Mako and Tana. Reliant Sen has progressed 20 percent to 76 percent.

The new flight model is stagnating at 85 percent – but implementation at the end of March seems quite possible if no significant problems arise. All other features are still in the planning phase or have made no significant progress.

Progress for Update 3.6

Apart from Cloud Tech, which is at 74 percent, there has been no significant progress.

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