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Wir stellen das Raumschiff MISC Prospector im Detail vor. © Cloud Imperium Games / SPACE4GAMES

The MISC Prospector is the first and currently the only mining ship in Star Citizen. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this ship.

In this article we answer the following questions for you:

  • What is the MISC Prospector capable of and what data is available about the spaceship?
  • How do I operate the Prospector correctly?
  • How do I equip the Prospector perfectly?
  • Is the spaceship suitable for me or not?

The german version of this guide to the MISC Prospector can be found behind the link.
Die deutsche Version dieses Guides zur MISC Prospector findet ihr hinter dem Link.

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History of the Prospector

Unfortunately, there is currently no comprehensive background story about the emergence of the Prospector in the Star Citizen universe. The ship is manufactured by Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC), who are also responsible for the Starfarer or the Freelancer.

Based on Saisei in the Centauri system, MISC is the only human manufacturer to have entered into a cooperation with the Xi’an alien race. Xi’an technology is therefore found in most MISC ships.

Spaceship Data of the Prospector

Note: The following data are not always accurate or final, as reliable official data is not yet available. Some of the information on the official site is incorrect or will be changed several times during the alpha phase. We will update this overview as soon as new information becomes available.

ManufacturerMusashi Industrial and
Starflight Concern (MISC)
Length, Beam, Height (m)24157
Weight (t)116
Cargo Capacity (SCU)4x8 (32)
Speed, Afterburner (m/s)2001.210
Crew (Min, Max)11
Weapons (Standard, total capacity)2x Klaus & Werner CF-117
Bulldog Laser Repeater (Size 1)
2x Size 2
Equipment1x Mining Laser & Tractorbeam
(Varipuck Size 2)
Availabilitycurrently for sale for real money


The entrance to the Prospector is on the left side, behind the cockpit.

Inside the cockpit the Prospector is operated via multifunction displays (MFDs) and switches located above the pilot seat. Hold the interaction key (default “F”), then move the target cursor up until you see the control options and the MFDs. Here you can switch the ship directly to “Flight Ready”, but also switch the engines on and off or open the door.

Die Bedienelemente der Prospector befinden sich oberhalb des Pilotensitzes. © Cloud Imperium Games

The controls of the Prospector are located above the pilot seat. © Cloud Imperium Games

Switch to the scan mode with the “TAB” key. Then hold down the left mouse button to fully charge the scanner and then release to trigger the ping. This way you can spot mining depots on moon surfaces. Switch to mining mode with the “M” key. The mining laser is activated with the left mouse button. With the mining laser turned off, you can switch to tractor beam mode using the right mouse button. This is also switched on and off with the left mouse button.

The possibility of uncouple the containers does not yet exist. This feature will be added later.

The Prospector has a bed in which you can safely log off even on distant moons.

Mining Guide

In our detailed article you will find information, tips & tricks for mining in Star Citizen.

Einige Komponenten der Prospector (etwa Schildgeneratoren und Waffen) können bereits ausgetauscht werden. © Cloud Imperium Games

Some components of the Prospector (such as shield generators and weapons) can already be replaced. © Cloud Imperium Games


Currently there are not enough components to provide a useful fitting guide for the Prospector. You can already install new shield generators or other weapons, but that’s all you can do at the moment. Comprehensive guides to the best components for different scenarios can be found here as soon as there are enough useful options in the game.


Every one of your ships should be insured. If you do not have a LTI (Life Time Insurance) on your ship and the temporary insurance (that usually came with it at the time of purchase) has expired, you should at least have the ship’s hull insured by an insurance company. At present, however, this option is not yet available, and therefore the insurance is not going to expire.

As soon as the feature is added, we will inform you here about the different options and advise you competently.

Suitability for players

The MISC Prospector is suitable for you if…

  • you are looking for honest work in the Star Citizen universe
  • you would like to earn money on your own
  • Patience and skill at the Mining Throttle are no problems for you

The MISC Prospector is not suitable for you if…

  • you don’t have the patience to search for resources and cracking rocks
  • you’d rather fight other spaceships than stones


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